Record Low Colorado River should sound alarm.

Fun & scary facts about the Colorado river.  0E6CFFB1-E891-43D4-B43B-23A4B8A2A0BC

Just about a 2 hour drive east of SanDiego county you’ll find the Colorado river flowing under the interstate bridge that separates Imperial county Ca from Yuma County Az.


Did you know that once upon a time the Colorado river was a lot bigger? in fact the Colorado river use to have steam boats and paddle wheel cargo vessels that carried supplies up and down its water ways.

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Today the Colorado river in many places is only ankle deep. The river has shrunk considerably and is in danger due to the drought conditions we are currently experiencing across the western United States. Lake mead witch feeds the Colorado river south of Nevada is scary low , see images below

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The fact remains, there’s is significantly more water going out of lake mead than is coming into it.
over the last 21 years lake meads water level has been steadily declining. But that hasn’t stopped home builders from building houses out in the middle of the Yuma desert. Yumas primary source of water is the Colorado river. So what would happen if or when the Colorado river ceases to run thru Yuma ?

Or how about the hydro power plants that are operated at lake meads southern dam?

Could these power generators stop operating if lake mead was to drop too low ? What would happen if they did stop working ?
In a drought situation why are we still building homes in the middle of the desert where there little to no water ?

Below is a picture of a boat launch ramp once used to lower boats into the waters edge of lake mead. Today this boat launch is more than a 1/2 mile away from the waters edge.⬇️




Seen below a water intake pipe feeding part of Las Vegas : The top of the pipe is currently higher than the water and is no longer feeding water into this water feed pipe. ⬇️

Colorado River Water Lake Mead

What is to be expected at lake mead and the the towns and cities that are fed by the Colorado river as we see water receding every year to new record lows?

Places like Yuma And even parts of California , Nevada and other desert cities are restricting water to farmers to grow food but home builders continue to build houses where water doesn’t exist.
What would become of places like lake havasu, Parker, Nevada, Kingman and even Yuma if the Colorado was to stop flowing ??

Only time will tell but one thing is for sure, We should be conserving our resources before it’s to late.