Utilities Fighting Clean Solar Energy


Over the last few years the community of Yuma AZ has seen a huge influx of solar installations. Along with the growing demand for solar power by consumers has come the Utilities Fighting Clean Solar Energy including utility giant APS. Of course it’s no secret that power companies everywhere are moving to cut down the amount of credit that consumers bank with their solar power systems. So why the push back from power companies ? Well utility profits play the biggest part  in this battle. Until 2018 Arizona residents who purchased a solar system could bank a kilowatt hour credit for a kilowatt hour credit. This meant that if you produced 800 kilowatt hours but only used 500 kilowatt hours that same month you banked 300 kilowatt hour credits with the utility company. These kilowatt hour credits would appear on your power bill. In 2018 the utility company APS decided to change the net metering process and the credits by placing a value on each kilowatt hour credit and by charging different rates during different times of the day. 3pm to 8pm became peak hours and the utility charges .24 cents per kilowatt hour and from 8pm to 3pm the following day would be off peak hours and the charge for this would be 10.8 cents per kilowatt hour. The utility giant also spent large sums of money to campaign for two corporation commissioners to sit on the board that governs the utility company.  The corporation commission granted a plan that would allow APS to devalue the solar kilowatt hour credit each year on September 1st changing the rate at which aps would credit customers for their solar energy. Once the kilowatt hour credit is less than 10.8 cents then solar consumers would be forced to buy a small portion of every kilowatt hour every hour every day. Nine out of ten energy consumers have no idea how their power bill is structured nor how the utility companies are making changes to the system that affects every customers utility bill.  Get the information you need to know without the sales people. Ask for a free no obligation solar evaluation for your home or business