What big utilities don’t want you to know.


It’s no secret that monopoly utility giant in Arizona has been fighting solar hard for the last few years. From running reverse psychology adds to full on smear campaigns against solar, western Arizona’s utility giant has gotten its rate payers to fight its battle for them. Here are some interesting facts about solar and What Big Utilities Don’t Want You To Know.
1-APS spent massive sums of money to put two commissioners on the corporation commission board witch over sees and approves or disapproves utility rate hikes, solar buy back rates and how the utility devalues the rate of solar kilowatt hours.
2-The APS solar programmer introduced about a year ago is really nothing more than a roof rental. APS will place solar panels on the roof of selected home owners and will give that home owner a $30.00 per month credit on their monthly bill.
3-The aps solar program offers no protection from future rate hikes, no guaranteed cost of electricity, no fixed solar power costs and only offers a $30.00 credit for the use of your roof.

4-The APS solar program will allow APS to take advantage of huge tax incentives as they will be eligible to take a 30% federal tax credit on each solar system, a state tax credit and a five year accelerated depreciation tax right off. This could could mean millions of dollars in tax benefits to the utility giant while they offer customers a mere $30.00 Credit while selling customers that same energy at regular retail power prices.


5- A plan to devalue the solar energy credits payed by Arizona’s largest utility has already been approved. Starting in 2018 APS began the process of devaluing the solar kilowatt hour value. Instead of a kilowatt for Kilowatt exchange aps began at 12.9 cent credit for kilowatt hours produced by consumer solar system. In 2019 that rate was lowered to 11..6 cents and is scheduled to continue dropping each year for new customers going solar. This mean that consumers could be forced to pay larger utility bills even if they go solar. Once The solar kilowatt hour credit drops below the 10.8 cent off peak power rate customers will be forced to pay something for every single kilowatt hour consumed in their home even if they have solar on the roof.

6- Owning or leasing your own solar power system has always guaranteed consumers fixed costs for the power they generate with solar power. The biggest reason people got solar is to save money  and guarantee power costs but utility companies don’t want people controlling costs because this digs into their massive profits.

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