What do you look for when choosing a San Diego Solar Company ?

Looking for the perfect San Diego Solar Company ? Well that might be easier said than done. There are more than 100 different solar companies servicing San Diego County so what makes any of these a good or bad choice?  Let’s break down the difference and tell you where 48Solar closes the gap making the biggest difference in professional service.


San Diego Solar Sales reps :

Did you know that most solar sales associates are just independent reps ? 9 out of 10 solar sales reps are independent sales contractors with little to no control over what happens once the sales process is complete. Many solar companies contract their sales out to independent sales contractors in order to avoid payroll taxes and workers compensation insurance costs. These contract sales reps hey have zero control  over what happens after the sales process is completed and this is why most people never hear from them again.


One truck solar operations :

There’s nothing wrong with a being small operation, everyone starts out somewhere but the fact remains that small solar operations come and go faster than you change your socks. Well established San Diego Solar companies have grown in order to better accommodate and serve their clients. It’s almost impossible to keep up with client demand when your a single truck operation not to mention that slightly larger companies offer better pricing because they buy in large quantities so they can offer better pricing to their customers. Medium sized companies not only offer a faster installation time but have a dedicated service department to serve your needs after the initial sale.


Dedicated service department :

Having a dedicated service department insures that not only will your solar system be installed in a timely manner but any issues that might arise after the installation will be handled promptly. One thing is for sure, your sales guy probably won’t be returning to help you one the sales is completed so choosing a company with a dedicated service department is extremely important.


The Big Difference:

At 48Solar we offer more than just the sale. 48Solar San Diego is a full service San Diego Solar company. We have a dedicated team of service and maintenance technicians ready to handle type of situation that might arise in the future. We handle every aspect of your system acquisition, we fill out all your paperwork with you, we offer an expedited installation time, our maintenance department is fully equipped to take care of your annual maintenance and solar cleanings  and bird deterrent and removal 

Choosing a great San Diego Solar company is as easy as contacting 48Solar San Diego  or visit us on Facebook at  48Solar San Diego .

We strive for excellence and to exceed every clients expectations. Get a solar or maintenance quote  today by Clicking Here today.