What your roofing company isn’t going to tell you.

 Before you drop 6,8 or even ten thousand dollars on a new roof there’s a little secret you should know .


Your typical roofing company isn’t going to tell you this secret.

Roofing companies want to sell you a new roof because they make huge profits on installing new roofs and not on maintenance. But there’s a big secret that no one knows and those who do know are not likely to tell you.


Roofing materials are capable of lasting much longer than you realize but there’s a disconnect between what you’ve been told and what reality really is.

Putting a new roof on your home is a big investment so why aren’t you taking care of it to ensure it’s longevity? Most people never think about their roof until it’s old, leaking and beyond repair.   Let me ask you a question , would you buy a brand new car and then never ever change the oil in it ?  Would you plant a lawn and then never mow it ? Of course not but I can almost guarantee you’ve never had any maintenance done to your asphalt shingle roof .


Roofing materials like shingles are extremely durable when new but over time they become weak, brittle and start falling apart. But this doesn’t have to be the way it goes.  If you could stop the aging process or significantly slow it down while doubling the life of your roof then why don’t you ? Probably because no one has told you the secrets of the roofing industry .  What if I told you that there’s a secret method to keeping your roofing shingles in as good of condition year 20 as they were brand new !

This roofing formula secret is hated by roofing companies but I’m going to share it with you.

stop over paying for a new roof and start paying attention to this important info that we are making available to you now.  I’m not talking about foam roof coating or elastomeric coatings, I’m talking about nano technology that’s been available for years but no one is sharing this info with consumers. Keeping your new roof new for many many years is what we do. Forget spending five to ten thousand dollars . Let us show you how to keep your roof new forever.

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