Why you should never power wash your roof .

Seems like every handyman , landscaper, janitor, power wash guy wants to get into the pressure washing or solar cleaning business but here’s where things typically go horribly wrong for home owners.

The truth is 99% of these so called handyman, power wash type companies operate with untrained, non certified, unlicensed, uninsured temp labor and have no actual experience in the field of work they are performing. Most are your typical here today & gone tomorrow type services .

Today we are going to learn the top reasons you should never power wash your roof regardless of the type of roof you have.


1 – Roofing manufacturers like Owens Corning, a well respected roofing material manufacturer, specifically warn against using high power pressure washing because it degrades the roofing material and takes years off it’s life span.

unfortunately many of your typical handy many, non certified, non industry specific, power wash companies don’t really care if your roof is damaged. Most of your local power wash handy man services only care about making a dollar today because most won’t be around in 1-5 years.

Pressure washing cuts your roofs life in half .

Tile roofs are no different . When roof tiles are manufactured they are given a final glaze that protects then from water . Clay roof tile is actually very porous and this mean it would absorb water if it wasn’t for the protective glaze applied during the kilm drying process. Power washing a tile roof damages this protective glaze and immediately cuts your roofs life span by up to 60%, not to mention that pressure washing the tiles can cause water to enter under the tile and damage the protective underlayment that acts as a water barrier for your roof decking.

Pressure washer damage , here we see where a pressure washer sliced right thru the roofing materials like butter causing damages in excess of 1000.00 to repair. 

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When considering maintenance or roof cleaning be sure your dealing with a certified roofing or solar roofing specialist.  Many of your local private businesses that offer every service under the sun do not specialize in anything nor are they certified in any field of work because they have no specialty and will do anything  for a quick buck.

A true roofing expert will know the proper way to service & clean your roof without damaging it and by using the correct equipment specified by roofing manufacturers like Owens corning, Eagle or Duro-Last. 

don’t trust your roof to just every handyman side show landscape, janitor , 

Hire a Certified and trusted roofing pro.
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