Yuma Foam Roof coatings

The desert south west is know for a few things but the summer heat is probably the one thing that everyone dreads. During the summer months the desert town of Yuma Arizona sees tempatures exceeding 115.0 degrees. Along with these high temps come excessive energy bills and deteriorating roofing materials being baked by the sun.


Some people are turning to foam roof coatings but over the long haul is this really a great idea ? The problem with foam is it quickly deteriorates in extreme temperatures and direct sun light . Ever left a styrofoam cooler sit in the sun for a summer . It’s will dry out, crack and fall apart within a short amount of time.

Yuma Foam Roof coatings are reflective  but there are other reflective coatings that are  more affordable, don’t deteriorate like foam and require a lot less maintenance.

Just like sun block for your skin, roof coatings do not need to be white in order to reflect sun light and reduce the heat index on your roof.


#1 – You get what you pay for . While there are many roofing companies offering roof coatings the biggest difference is the cost and quality !  Cheap price equals cheap material. We researched 10 different Yuma foam roof coatings and the results were all different. Some foam coatings after 1-2 years were already sun dried and cracking, allowing water to penetrate the foam barrier.

2-Elastomeric coatings : Elastomeric coatings come from many different manufacturers and have different properties, this can be a great way to protect your roof from leaks and an affordable alternative to a full roof replacement but elastomeric coatings are not a fix all and should be evaluated by a professional roofer. Also elastomeric coatings must be applied in very thin coatings or they will crack and leak just like foam .

3-Urethane coatings: Urethane coatings are really just a combination between foam and elastomeric and provide a lighter but less effective coating than most foam products and cost less.

We have helped pioneer a brand new roofing technology that extends the life of your existing roof by 10-15 years, costs a fraction of foam or a new roof, is environmentally safe, doesn’t deteriorate like foam and will save you thousands of dollars in roofing costs.


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