The best Yuma Roofing Service

What is the one thing on your house that protects it from the outside elements ? Your roof !
So why do so many people wait until the roof is leaking water all over the kitchen or living room before they think about roofing maintenance?
shingles roof

When your considering a Yuma Roofing Service consider choosing a company that provides top tier service rather than cheap prices. Let’s face it, you know just as well as the next person that cheap prices and quality workmanship never meet.  It’s that old saying, Quality work and materials aren’t cheap, and cheap materials and work aren’t quality.

So what’s the biggest difference when considering a quality Yuma Roofing Service ?
Well for starters 48 Solar’s Roofing installation partners use all US manufactured, highest grade materials with the best warranties in the industry. There’s no short cuts when delivering quality workmanship. Your roof should demand the best work and the best materials because your roof is the only thing standing between you and the outside elements.

Our roofing service providers offer full roof replacements, roofing repairs, Roof inspections, Asphalt shingle rejuvenation & flat roof maintenance.

All materials used on new roof replacements are backed by the best manufacturer warranties found. In most cases the roofing materials used by our installation partners is backed with 20-30 year warranties.


Want to extend the life of your roof and save even more ? Our roof rejuvenation process ads up to 15 years of life to any existing asphalt shingle roof. Our rejuvenation product is derived from the highest grade asphalt rejuvenating oils in the country.  Asphalt rejuvenation is a great way to save thousands of dollars while reducing land fill waste and extending the life of your roof by up to 15 years.  Ask us about asphalt rejuvenation and save yourself thousands of dollars.

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