Yuma home owners save big when converting to a yuma solar powered home

With rising energy costs and utility companies making billions, more and more people are purchasing Yuma Solar Power homes. Home builders are building homes with solar already in mind but there is an issue with homes that are built with solar.

Utility companies like APS dictate how much solar you can or can not install and interconnect to the grid. The rules are designed to limit Yuma solar power customers from selling back to much excess energy. Here’s how it works.


Aps requires proof that your home will use as much power as you intend to install but in the case that you don’t have any usage history then APS limits the amount of solar. New home builders are adding solar to new homes but they are using a sq footage formulation that is known not to work. See the issue in Yuma is that Yuma county has a massive number of electric meters that sit fir more than 6 months out of the year turned off. The problem is that the APS  formulation takes into account average meter reading in a given zip code, the second problem is that Yuma county has about 60,000 meters that sit zero’d out for more than six months out of the year and this throws the averages off horribly.


So what can you do to insure that your homes solar power systems is sized correctly and will provide the energy needed to eliminate those energy bills from the utility company ?  Well the first step is contacting  a Yuma Solar Power professional and getting a verified energy analysis. 48 Solar uses verified data and a complex load calculation system to properly size solar systems and provide Yuma solar power customer with an accurate solar evaluation and quote.

contact 48Solar Today and get a free evaluation, Professional analysis and an up front solar power quote. Getting a solar evaluation takes less than 60 seconds to get started. Click the link provided here and see why our customers rank us #1.

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