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If you’ve invested in solar for your home them you probably already know that your solar panels should require very specific attention when it comes to maintenance and solar cleaning service.

Here are the top four things to look for when considering hiring a solar cleaning company.


#1 Does The Company Specialize In Solar ?
There are a hundred Mobil power wash businesses that sprout up every October thru April and disappear as soon as the summer heat hits the Yum Desert. You call one company today and the phone number is disconnected tomorrow.  That’s primarily because these overnight operations are only here long enough to make some quick cash and disappear, but just as fast as they disappear they could also make your solar panel warranty vanish.  Anyone can buy a pressure washer at Home Depot and call themselves a professional, but saying your a professional doesn’t really make it a fact.


#2 Uninsured Handy Do It All Services 68FCEAA9-B6B3-462A-A904-7731D1F11121

More often than ever we see these services offering everything under the sun from janitorial to Windows, to plumbing, to landscaping and more.  It’s a fact that most professional who specialize in their field of work will stay within a very small but specific line of services related directly to their specialty. For instance a solar company might offer solar & roofing but not solar & landscaping or solar & janitorial because they have nothing to do with one another and it’s such huge difference between the two that it’s nearly impossible to have all the right tools as well as certified staff to handle both.   And cleaning a toilet or moping a floor is nothing compared to servicing a 35,000 dollar roof top solar system.

#3 The Right Equipment For The Job. 09AEB8D5-58FC-4445-A6D0-5C17E7535076

You wouldn’t let you kid stick his finger in a power socket or spray water into a high voltage transformer, would you ? Well why would you let a power washer on your roof to power wash your high voltage solar power system?
Solar panel manufacturers specifically advise against power washing solar panels. Solar panels require very close attention to detail and should never be power washed or cleaned with chemical detergents.

#4 A solar professional will be a company that specializes in solar energy, Roof top power & photovoltaic solar cells.  If your looking for a Yuma Solar Cleaning Expert then look no further than your Yuma Solar Energy Specialists at 48Solar & Roofing.
Our team of solar experts have more than a combined total of 30+ years in the solar industry and have been installing and servicing solar customers with the right equipment and certified trading since 1998.

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