Yuma Solar Cleaning

You’ve  invested in a solar power system for your home or business but now your wondering what to do about all that dirt on the solar panels and does it affect the power output of your solar panels ?


The answer is simply yes. Dirty solar panels do affect energy output and energy production. Heavily soiled solar panels can drop energy production by as much as 30%.   But don’t worry the best Yum Solar Cleaning Service has the solution that will put your solar system back on track and increase energy production to original specifications.


Many people ask us if the rain is enough to wash the panels clean, the answer is no. Even if you took a hose and nozzle and tried washing the solar  panels yourself you would find that only a very light amount of dust would wash away leaving a still heavily soiled glass panel behind. The other problem is that city tap water has a huge amount of chlorine and minerals that can cause damage to the panels or leave heavy water spots that can etch the glass.  See there are a lot pollutants floating around in the air that cause the panels to become kind of sticky. These pollutants cause dirt to cling onto the glass and require a heavy scrubbing action to be removed.

Do we use chemicals to clean solar ? No, in fact we use absolutely no chemicals ever. Chemicals, detergents and cleaners can actually cause damage to solar panels.

Can I power wash my solar panels ? The answer is no. High pressure sprayers can cause damage to the seals that keep water out of the electrical components and thus keep your solar panels from shorting out and possibly catching fire.


48Solar is the #1 Yuma Solar Cleaning Service in Yuma and the surrounding areas.  Unlike other companies who use day labors and do not offer workers comp to the laborers on your property, our professionals are fully insured to ensure you are protected from a lawsuits from accidents that can happen. 48Solar also has full coverage insurance that protects you the client as well as us the company.

Also if 48Solar hires people they are considered employees and are actually covered  by the state required workers comp insurance.

48Solar uses state of art equipment designed specifically for servicing solar panel systems.  CLICK HERE  to get a free solar cleaning quote today . CLICK HERE