Yuma Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Your solar system is a precise electrical generating machine that requires professional service from time to time, that’s why it’s important that when considering a Yuma Solar Cleaning service you only use a true solar company.   There’s plenty of handyman, landscape, window cleaners out there dabbling in solar but when issues  arise these less than reputable services disappear into thin air.

Solar inspections and cleaning services on your expensive solar investment should be handled only be a certified, dedicated solar provider. just recently we’ve received calls from from home owners who’s solar systems have been damaged as a result of hiring pressure washing companies and even landscaping companies advertising as solar cleaners.

How to choose a certified Yuma Solar Cleaning Service the first time ?

Any certified solar company will would not be found offering landscape or gardening services.
certified solar companies spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in solar manufacturer training.
A true certified solar company will specialize in solar & renewable energy services and products.
A Certified Solar company will cover all aspects of solar energy, from sales & design to installation and maintenance after installation.

What to look out for and steer clear of when searching solar service producers.
#1 Never hire any company dabbles in every home service under the sun, this is called handy man service.
#2 Never hire a company that doesn’t specialize in solar specifically.
#3 Never hire a Mobil car wash or pressure washing service. These types of services are not certified in solar        and have been known to damage solar panels and void warranties.
#4 Never hire any company or person who isn’t solar specific certified.

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