Yuma Solar Power

Every year more and more people are turning to solar power to help lower electric power bills. In Yuma Solar power Panels are popping up everywhere because it makes sense with extreme temperatures and high summer bills. The industry has changed and the equipment has gotten more efficient but what has not changed is the ability to control ones energy costs with a cheaper alternative of energy provided by the sun.

E69F4F0F-B1BB-4720-A636-C7EA75A5528FOur sun is the most powerful source of energy that man kind will ever experience. It’s so powerful that it has the ability to power 1000 earths with solar electricity ! That’s right 1000 earths with clean energy.   So maybe that’s why we see more Yuma solar power homes being built across the desert.  But how much does it save ? Well here’s the pros and cons of building new homes with solar.


Con : there’s no way to really know how much energy a home will consume. I mean let’s face it, could you guess how much your neighbor spends on gasoline or fuel each year ? No because you don’t know how many miles he drives or how many miles per gallon he gets. Homes are like cars when it comes to consumption. Until you’ve lived in your home for a while you really can’t know how much power it will consume. The biggest determining factors are 1-how many people live in the house, 2-How well insulated or built is the home, 3- how conscious is everyone about turning things off when not in use, 4-Is the home all electric or partially gas?

PROS : The pros vastly out weigh the cons when it comes to your Yuma solar powered home.

1-It’s cheaper to produce your own energy than it is to buy it from the power company.

2-Its easy to obtain. Every Yuma home owner has a right to go solar in AZ. Arizona passed a law called “ AZ solar Rights “ that states no person, company, home owners association or organization may block, impede or cause additional costs to incur as a result of a solar installation.

3-Solar is a clean energy. No fossil fuel, no gas generators, no carbon, no air pollution, just clean energy created by the sun.

4-No up front costs : In 99% of new Yuma solar power panel installations there are no upfront costs to the home owner. With 100% financing available there’s no need to come out of pocket with large down payments and toasts why Yuma Solar Power Panels are a growing trend amongst people looking too save money on their power bills.

5- Multiple options for financing :  we have more than a dozen lending options

6: Multiple lease options : We have more than a dozen lease options

7: Power purchase options : no lease no loan just pay a fixed amount for the energy produced and consumed in your home and it’s cheaper than your current power bill.
8: No stress we take care of everything . From design to install our installation partners handle everything so all you have to do is keep doing what you always do and let us take care of everything.
9: 20-25year warranties that cover everything: Don’t ever worry because the equipment we sell is covered by warranties that will be in affect probably long after you’ve sold your home so even the next owner benefits.


10: Reliability : New solar systems are manufactured with state of the art materials and by companies who have spent millions in research and development to produce a product that is more reliable than even your car.

getting a solar quote is easy, fast, and free. Best of all there is never any pressure. Click Here and in less than 60Seconds you can be on your way to saving money with clean solar energy.