Solar Roofing Specialists


STOP, Before you spend big money on a new roof let us give you a few tips that can save you big money. Your roof is the only thing standing between you and the outside elements beating down on your home. Roofing repairs  are inevitable and eventually your roof will need to be replaced.  … [Read More]

Best solar company


What does being the best really mean ? Does being the best mean having custom designed service vehicles with fancy decals ?  Does being the best mean having flashy looking outfits or uniforms ? Does being the best mean posting pictures of yourself claiming to be the best just because you think no one will… [Read More]

Yuma Roofing Company


When it rains, it pours! Did you know most people wait till their roof is leaking before they think about roof maintenance. Did you know roof maintenance can save you thousands in water damage repairs ? It’s true, water damage is an expensive journey but it’s very avoidable. So it’s raining outside and all of… [Read More]

Yuma Solar Homes Save Big $


Yuma Arizona, probably best know for its beautiful winter weather and it’s scorching summers, but did you know yuma is also know for being one of the sunniest cities in the United States. Yuma solar powered homes save up to 90% on energy costs vs a conventional home drawing power off the utility grid. While… [Read More]

Is off grid living legal in San Diego California .


Is Living Off Grid Legal in San Diego California? Off grid living is usually legal in California. State laws are generally very friendly towards off-grid living.  However, you’ll have to meet extremely strict building codes and get a permit for nearly everything. Getting water rights can be problematic, and there’s currently no guarantee that wells… [Read More]

How often do solar panels need cleaning


Protecting  your solar investment  If you have invested in solar for your home then your probably asking yourself how often do solar panels need  cleaning ?  Since solar has become more popular across the country so has the number of mobil wash services popping up all over the place.  The biggest misconception being sold to… [Read More]