Why you should never power wash your roof .


Seems like every handyman , landscaper, janitor, power wash guy wants to get into the pressure washing or solar cleaning business but here’s where things typically go horribly wrong for home owners. The truth is 99% of these so called handyman, power wash type companies operate with untrained, non certified, unlicensed, uninsured temp labor and… [Read More]

Choosing the best Yuma Solar Company


Your searching for a reliable solar company but how do you know who to work with and who not to work with ? in today’s world of technology it’s important to know who your working with before you even get started that’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 3 things to look… [Read More]

Is Solar panel cleaning required


It’s probably the second most frequently asked question that we hear from clients, is solar panel cleaning really necessary?  Well to answer that question let me ask you this, if you never washed the windshield on your car would you still be able to see through it after just a year ? Solar panels do… [Read More]

Choosing the right Yuma Solar Service Company.


Solar is a significant investment in your home so choosing the right Yuma Solar Service company can mean the difference between your solar system lasting many  byears or ending up with a voided warranty . There’s a dozen new solar providers popping up every week and everyone claims to be the professional so how do… [Read More]

Choosing the right Yuma solar service company


With the internet being busier and more congested than a five lane interstate freeway during rush hour , theres a million different companies advertising on google, Facebook, Instagram, yahoo and the internet in general. So now how do you decide who to go with? Well choosing the right company is going to be key to… [Read More]

Solar Panel Cleaning really necessary?


Do I need to clean my solar panels ?  The big question always comes up during solar related conversations. To answer this question we will look at 3 key factors regarding solar panels and output production testing. If you didn’t clean the windows on your car how long would it take before you couldn’t see… [Read More]

Jamul Solar powered homes save big


California energy costs are on the rise again. It’s a known fact that the golden state has some of the highest energy costs but there’s a little secret that SDG&E doesn’t want you thinking about, Solar Energy ! That’s right the power company doesn’t want you thinking about solar or even looking into it because… [Read More]