Solar Panel Cleaning really necessary?


Do I need to clean my solar panels ?  The big question always comes up during solar related conversations. To answer this question we will look at 3 key factors regarding solar panels and output production testing. If you didn’t clean the windows on your car how long would it take before you couldn’t see… [Read More]

Jamul Solar powered homes save big


California energy costs are on the rise again. It’s a known fact that the golden state has some of the highest energy costs but there’s a little secret that SDG&E doesn’t want you thinking about, Solar Energy ! That’s right the power company doesn’t want you thinking about solar or even looking into it because… [Read More]

Solar Panel Cleaning


48Solar is always evolving to meet the needs of our valued clients and the communities we serve that’s why we are one of the only true full service solar companies offering everything from solar design, installation, service , maintenance and solar panel cleaning services. Today we are going over why choosing a solar company over… [Read More]

Yuma Solar Powered Homes


The sun is shining bright, the summer heat is kicking in and you’ve waited as long as you can to turn that air conditioner on because you know the power bill is going to almost triple. Well it might triple if you one of the many home owners who haven’t gone solar yet. Did you… [Read More]

Best Solar Companies In Yuma

Sure tons of companies claim to be the best, the top dog, the #1 but who really determines who’s the best and who’s not ? With so many companies popping up how do you know who are the best solar solar companies in Yuma and who are the fakes? A little research and a little… [Read More]

Solar Cleaning In Chula Vista


Solar panels are a big part of the Chula Vista Sky line as hundreds new homes go solar every month. So now your thinking about having them cleaned but who do you turn to for the most professional service and experience. Searching google for solar cleaning in Chula Vista yields a ton of results but how… [Read More]

Yuma Solar Cleaning


It’s a known fact that solar is an investment in your home and usually a pretty significant one, so before you  letting anyone touch your solar panel system here’s the three things you need to know in order to choose a professional solar service company . There a dozen people locally who at first glance… [Read More]

Solar panel cleaning San Diego


48Solar San Diego is your #1 provider for Solar Panel Cleaning San Diego ? 48solar is a full service solar company delivering everything from design to install, service to maintenance.  We’ve been helping people go solar since the 90’s and it’s only gotten better and better as solar has become more and more popular and… [Read More]

San Diego Solar cleaning


Your solar system was a big investment so choose wisely when scouring the internet for a professional San Diego Solar Cleaning and solar service provider. 48solar is a full service solar company offering everything from inception design to finished product with post installation maintenance. Our team of highly trained techs insure that your solar system… [Read More]