Solar Panel Cleaning


Would you agree that if you didn’t clean your kitchen stove it would become filthy pretty quickly ? Or how about your car ? Would you go without cleaning your car for a year ? Well that’s what many people do with their solar system that they invested thousands of dollars in.  Just like your… [Read More]

San Diego Solar Washing


Solar in a San Diego County is a huge part of the skyline these days. In just about every part of SanDiego County you will find solar panels on the roof tops of thousands of home owners in every corner of the county. But once the solar system is installed why do we tend to… [Read More]

San Diego Solar Panel Cleaning


Got dirty solar panels ? Well don’t worry,  48Solar is your San Diego Solar Panel Cleaning Experts. 48Solar is a full service solar provider. 48Solar offers solar panel cleaning services , Bird Proofing, pigeon proofing ,  sales, design and service. What you need to know about solar cleaning. Anyone can call themselves a professional but… [Read More]

San Diego Solar Cleaning

Your solar system was a big investment so why do so many home owners neglect to service their solar system after it’s installed ? 48Solar Provides San Diego Solar cleaning services, maintenance and inspections. in recent months there has been a significant increase in people acting as solar leaning professionals but in fact they are… [Read More]

Bird Proofing Solar Panels.


It seems that birds love solar panels just as much as we love the savings those solar panels bring us.  Unfortunately birds seem to be attracted to solar panels because the panels provide a safe place for birds to hide.   48Solar is a one stop source for everything related to solar including Bird Proofing… [Read More]

Yuma solar company


The sun is shining,   Your electric bill is rising and your telling  yourself one thing, I need the best Yuma Solar Company to save me from the power company. Solar energy is a growing trend with home owners looking to go solar with the #1 Yuma Solar Company.  Our. Highly trained a certified installation… [Read More]

Do solar panels need to be cleaned

More homes than ever are converting over to solar energy and and with this comes a need to services and maintain those solar panel systems . So this leaves many asking the question, do solar panels need to be cleaned ? To answer that question we are going to show you the research that went… [Read More]

Yuma’s Honest solar company.


48 solar & Roofing  is definitely not your typical solar company. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. As a permanent fixture in the community we’ve seen just about everything the solar industry is throwing around, from the here today gone tomorrow sales companies, the dishonest sales people who only care about a commission,… [Read More]