Choosing the best solar installer in Yuma

When Choosing the Best Solar Installer In Yuma keep in mind what are your needs for your residential or commercial solar installation. here are the top five things to keep in mind.


1- What equipment is offered by your solar provider? Remember that saying, you get what you pay for. Cheap prices mean cheap equipment and cheap equipment will eventually lead to failures in your system.  At 48Solar you get an ubove standards 20 year warranty on all equipment and we have extended warranties available 25-30years.


2- Workmanship warranties: Workmanship warranties are a key to being a successful solar company. Most companies offer a 2-4 year workmanship warranty but 48Solar’s installation partners offer a full 10 year workmanship warranty. That’s right 10 year solar installation workmanship warranty. Our professional portfolio of installers have years of experience and have seen every thing under the sun when it comes to standard and customized installations.



3-Solar installation types: While many solar installers only handle one type of installation our installation partners are proficient at all types in installations including residential roof top, Residential ground mount, Commercial roof top, Shade and canopy structure, and even ballasted mount. This allows us to be versatile and meet the needs of all solar consumers without the need to have multiple companies working on your solar project.


4-Local service : In most cases many solar installation companies actually come from out of town, sell you solar then disappear back to wherever they came from. Maybe they offered the lowest price or a free home stereo system or promises of cash rebates or other enticing offers to catch your attention and close the sale. But down the road you need your system serviced and they are nowhere to be found.


5-48Solar has teamed up with the best local solar installation contractors servicing the cities that we offer solar in. Our installation partners have spent the time, money and resources to settle into each city by becoming a local fixture within the community. This means they have leased or purchased local warehousing, hired local labor, provide local management, contribute to the local economy and most importantly provide local customer service.  We’re proud to offer 100% local service to our clients in the communities that we serve.


When you think local solar provider think 48Solar and know that you get the entire package with us not just a pretty gift wrapped box with empty promises.


48Solar offers local service in  SanDiego County CA, Yuma County Arizona, Phoenix Arizona,  LasVegas Nevada, New Mexico, El Paso Texas and Florida.

Going solar has never been easier. With state of the art technology and solar installation services to meet your energy needs, 48Solar America is a one stop source for all your solar power needs.