Choosing the right Yuma Solar Service Company.

Solar is a significant investment in your home so choosing the right Yuma Solar Service company can mean the difference between your solar system lasting many  byears or ending up with a voided warranty .


There’s a dozen new solar providers popping up every week and everyone claims to be the professional so how do you choose a Yuma Solar Service company to provided service that will protect your investment ? Hiring the wrong person or company can cost you big in the long run.

Here are the three things to know when choosing a professional yuma solar service company.


Knowledge and experience is king when it comes to following manufacturers specifications on solar cleaning. Solar manufacturers specifically state that improper services or use of the wrong equipment will void the 30 year warranty on you solar power system.


No Pressure washing ! There has been a  significant increase in the use of pressure washer systems for cleaning solar panels and the same for damages caused by using a  power wash their solar system.  Power washing solar panels causes damaging the water tight seals.


Tech screws : In recent months solar manufacturers have denied solar warranty claims due to damages caused by sheet metal screws that were used to attach wire mesh around the solar array to keep birds out. Sheet metal screws will void your warranty immediately per solar manufacturers.


Chemical damages : Solar manufacturers warn against against the use of chemicals when cleaning solar panels. Chemicals , detergents, soaps and other cleaning agents can cause damage to the protective film on your glas solar panels.


You get what you pay for : Providing professional solar services with highly licensed, Insured, trained & certified technicians is not cheap.  There’s plenty of unlicensed, uninsured, untrained and inexperienced handymen running around offer to be the cheapest guy on the block. Any company offering cheap services is unlikely to be insured, licensed or full trained and certified.   There’s plenty of cheap , uninsured companies claiming to  be  professional. The fact is 5 out of 10 new service companies won’t last 1 year and 9 out of 10 won’t make it to 5 years. So ask yourself this question, do you want a handy man or a professional to service your solar system ?

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