Official Angies List Yuma

Is Angies List or Home Advisor all it’s cracked up to be ?

You’ve seen it a million times on tv, Angies list, home advisor, and a dozen other companies who claim to be the best source for finding reputable companies in your area. But who or what is Angies List really ? Well here’s how the Official Angies List Yuma and how it really works.


First Let me start out by telling you what Angies List really is. Angies list is nothing more than a lead generation company . If you don’t know what a lead generation company is let me explain.  Lead generation is when a company gathers information from internet consumers searching for specific needs like solar or painters or maybe a home builder and then sells that information to a dozen different companies that work in those industries.


Have you ever filled out a form online for a solar quote only to have every solar  agency across the country calling you trying to get your business. That’s because you stumbled on a lead generation company that baited you as if they were a solar company but in reality they made thousands of dollars selling your information to all the real solar companies and now your phone won’t stop ringing.  Angies list is no different, theres not some sweet little lady looking out for your best interest because she cares about you or the community. Lead generation companies sell your personal info making tens of thousands of dollars. And as far as vetting, Angies list told us all they check for is license and background but they seemed more interested in getting our money to become an Angies list partner more than anything. Anyone who’s shopping online can vet a service provider in less time than it takes to give Angies list all your info.

Strong Dollar

So how does this affect the company you might choose on Angies list ? Well in many cases those companies that people choose to do business with from Angies list normally charge more because they had to pay up to $250.00 just to get your contact info in hopes of calling you and talking you into doing business with them.

Make no mistake about it, they are going to have higher prices and pushier sales people because they have to recover the fees they paid for your information on top of their normal operating cost.

At 48Solar we do business directly with our online clients. We never share any of your information with anyone , we don’t have to inflate our prices to cover Angies List fees, and our customers are always treated like family.

Don’t let Angies list or home advisor sell our your personal information, get a direct solar quote and cut out the middle man while saving you money.

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