Renewable Energy In Yuma

Summer electric bills are hitting Arizona boxes and they aren’t pretty.
But what if you take your current electric bill and put a negative symbol in front of the amount due ? So instead of you bill being $289.00 it would be  -289.00. That’s right a negative electric bill where the power company pays you instead of you paying them, Renewable Energy programs are making this a

In 2017 when APS decided to put a dollar value on the killowatt hour rather than a straight kw for kw exchange, the ACC stipulated that APS had to pay consumers for excess energy produced by privately owned solar and wind energy systems. This means that Renewable energy in Yuma is allowing customers to actually eliminate electric bills and earn customers a positive cash flow by selling the extra power to the utility company.

How easy is it to go solar in Yuma ? It’s as simple as 1,2,3.

1- Are you a home owner who’s tired of high electric bills and rising energy costs placed on you by giant utility companies that make billions in profits every year?

2-Does your roof have good exposure to sun light without major shading from trees or other objects that would cause shading during daylight hours ?

3-Are you ready to gain energy independence, start saving money and tell the power company that you’ve had enough and your go ing solar ?


The decision to go solar really is that simple . We’ve taken the hard work out of  going solar for Yuma Az Renewable Energy customers.  At 48Solar we provide a hassle free experience for those who choose renewable energy.  Renewable energy saves people money and is environmentally friendly. In most cases renewable solar energy is also cheaper than your current utility bill.

Getting started with a free quote only takes 60 seconds and we will show you how solar makes sense for Yuma Az renewable Energy powered homes.

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