Solar Financing

So your thinking about going solar but you don’t know what’s the best way to pay for that new solar power system. Well there are a number national solar financing lenders that offer easy finance and leasing programs and they have taken all the hard work out of the finance and leasing process for your ease of mind.


Residents of Arizona and California have seen a dramatic increase over the past five years  in the number of rooftop solar projects being installed in their neighborhoods. The increase in solar projects is a direct reflection of two things. First is how easy it has become to acquire solar with easy finance options that are cheaper than the current utility bill that most residents are paying.  The second reason is that utility giants Like Arizona Public Services and SanDiego Gas & Electric keep raising the cost of electricity to new highs. In many cases residents of California and Arizona report electric bills exceeding that of a new car payment on a $50,000 dollar car.


So how easy is it to acquire solar financing ? it’s easy !
the only real qualification for solar financing is, 1-do you own your home ? 2-Do you have a credit fico score higher than 650 ? and do you have an income that will allow you to make your payments on time ? That’s it. It really is that simple.

For those who have not gone solar yet, what’s holding you back ?
solar finance contracts have no early payoff penalties, are transferable and come with loan interest rates as low as 0% .


A professional team of national lenders is ready to help you start your solar journey and cut those utility giant electric bills down to nothing.
In most cases it takes less than 5 minutes to acquire a new solar loan for your home or business.
stop over paying for electricity and start harvesting the power of the sun.
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