Solar Panel Cleaning In Yuma AZ

Roof top solar has been growing steadily in Arizona and with it comes the need to protect your solar investment.   Solar panels have no moving parts and therefore require virtually no maintenance. There is the question about dust shielding the panels and reducing the amount of sunlight that hits the solar panel surface and may reduce the amount of electricity that is produced by the photovoltaic panels. This is why Solar Panel Cleaning In Yuma Az is important to the operation of your solar system.


we recommend having your solar system washed one or two times per year to insure the highest production of your solar system. It is extremely important that you don’t spray city water from your garden hose on your solar panels. City water  has an extremely high concentration of hard minerals deposits and chlorine that  can damage the surface of the glass panels. We recommend having a professional with deionized water wash the panels to prevent damage.  44B17A13-A4DB-4FB5-8478-7F6AD70740F0

Solar is a large investment so why wouldn’t you protect it with quality maintenance.

48Solar offers reliable and affordable solar panel cleaning, bird deterrents and general rooftop cleaning. Our solar cleaning partners are fully licensed, insured and bonded.

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