Local solar company sends service truck to support 2022 IMCA Winter Nationals drivers.


Imca winter nationals this year at Cocopah Speedway is one of the biggest events ever held at the speedway with more than 400 race cars in attendance.  One of the many imca sport mods in attendance this year is Christopher Evans from National City Ca driving a new #9 sport mod .  Chris’s father Eric… [Read More]

Solar Cleaning In Chula Vista


Solar panels are a big part of the Chula Vista Sky line as hundreds new homes go solar every month. So now your thinking about having them cleaned but who do you turn to for the most professional service and experience. Searching google for solar cleaning in Chula Vista yields a ton of results but how… [Read More]

Yuma Solar Cleaning


It’s a known fact that solar is an investment in your home and usually a pretty significant one, so before you  letting anyone touch your solar panel system here’s the three things you need to know in order to choose a professional solar service company . There a dozen people locally who at first glance… [Read More]

Solar Panel Cleaning


Would you agree that if you didn’t clean your kitchen stove it would become filthy pretty quickly ? Or how about your car ? Would you go without cleaning your car for a year ? Well that’s what many people do with their solar system that they invested thousands of dollars in.  Just like your… [Read More]

San Diego Solar Panel Cleaning


Got dirty solar panels ? Well don’t worry,  48Solar is your San Diego Solar Panel Cleaning Experts. 48Solar is a full service solar provider. 48Solar offers solar panel cleaning services , Bird Proofing, pigeon proofing ,  sales, design and service. What you need to know about solar cleaning. Anyone can call themselves a professional but… [Read More]

San Diego Solar Cleaning

Your solar system was a big investment so why do so many home owners neglect to service their solar system after it’s installed ? 48Solar Provides San Diego Solar cleaning services, maintenance and inspections. in recent months there has been a significant increase in people acting as solar leaning professionals but in fact they are… [Read More]

Bird Proofing Solar Panels.


It seems that birds love solar panels just as much as we love the savings those solar panels bring us.  Unfortunately birds seem to be attracted to solar panels because the panels provide a safe place for birds to hide.   48Solar is a one stop source for everything related to solar including Bird Proofing… [Read More]

Solar panel washing


You made the investment in a solar power system but now your solar panels are covered in dirt, bird poop, sand and other contamination that keeps them from producing at their best. What’s the solution ? Solar Panel Washing !  But hold on a minute, can I just take my hose up on my roof… [Read More]

Solar Panel Cleaning In Yuma AZ


Roof top solar has been growing steadily in Arizona and with it comes the need to protect your solar investment.   Solar panels have no moving parts and therefore require virtually no maintenance. There is the question about dust shielding the panels and reducing the amount of sunlight that hits the solar panel surface and… [Read More]