Solar Panel Cleaning really necessary?


Do I need to clean my solar panels ?  The big question always comes up during solar related conversations.

To answer this question we will look at 3 key factors regarding solar panels and output production testing.

If you didn’t clean the windows on your car how long would it take before you couldn’t see out the window ? Few weeks, few months ? As the window got dirtier and dirtier the visibility would get less and less. The same is true for solar panels.  Research and development has shown that solar panels can lose up to 30% of energy production when heavily soiled.  Not only is there dust and dirt in the air but we have things like pollen, air pollutants, birds pooping on them, even dew on a cool morning can cause the dirt to stick even more than more than normal.


A solar panel system can easily cost upwards of 30,000 dollars so why would we spend that kind of money if we aren’t planning on using it to its full potential or maintaining it with the upmost care ?

Solar panel cleaning is essential to the highest power production of your solar system.  Solar panel cleaning also helps reduce costly energy bills . If your solar system is not producing the amount of power needed then in many cases you begin to see higher power bills from your utility company again.

Solar panel cleaning can also be a key factor in keeping those nasty birds and pigeons away from your roof. In many cases pigeons will attempt to nest on roofs where solar panels have been installed. By keeping the area clean and free of bird debris you reduce or even eliminate the chances of having birds pooping all over your roof.


Who should I hire to clean and service my solar panels ? We strongly urge you to use an actual solar company when it comes to maintaining your solar system. There are many people out there who attempt to be a jack of all trades but are truly a professional of none!  There’s a million car wash guys, window cleaners, landscapers, tree trimmers all trying to get your solar cleaning business but due to research, issues damages that many of these “ do it all services” create we recommend using your local solar professional to service and maintain your solar system.

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