Solar Panel Cleaning

Would you agree that if you didn’t clean your kitchen stove it would become filthy pretty quickly ? Or how about your car ? Would you go without cleaning your car for a year ? Well that’s what many people do with their solar system that they invested thousands of dollars in.  Just like your car, home or other valued items, solar panel cleaning is essential to the longevity of your solar power system.

48Solar is a full service solar company offering everything from design to completed project. Our team of highly trained and certified solar experts have gone through hundreds of hours of certification training as well as annual recertification updates.   We have a dedicated team of sales professionals, A dedicated team of solar maintenance technicians and the best solar installation partners in the industry. Our solar installation partners hold certification with NABCEP and are state licensed contractors with thousands of successful installations completed .

So it only makes sense that we would offer a full service maintenance and solar panel cleaning service to our clients as well as everyone else.


What sets us apart from the rest? Well the biggest difference is that we are an actual solar company. Unlike hundreds of unlicensed, uninsured, handyman type services, we only deal in services surrounding the solar industry.   Our service include Solar Design, Solar energy audits, Solar Energy consulting, Renewable power home upgrades, Solar Panel Cleaning , Solar Netting and bird proofing, solar lighting, and other solar related services.

When choosing a service provider to service your solar panel cleaning or installation needs consider using a company that deals specifically in solar and is certified and trained to handle all your solar service needs.

Getting a free quote from our service and solar panel cleaning department is as simple as requesting a free service evaluation by clicking HERE  or calling  Toll Free 833-48-Solar   That’s 833-487-6527

Servicing  Yuma County, SanDiego County & Imperial County.
Our service offices are locally owned and operated.