Solar Panels Yuma Arizona

Thinking about Solar Panels Yuma Arizona ? What you need to know about choosing the right solar panels for the right job.


Many companies offer specific brands of solar panels like Tesla, LG, Hanwa or Q-Cell. So your probably asking yourself what’s the difference and how do I choose the right solar panel for my home?

There are a couple things to consider when choosing a solar panel and solar provider. Here are top five questions we get asked about solar panels Yuma AZ.
#1 How much do solar panels cost ? Well like most things big brands that market themselves heavily are usually going to cost you more. I’m most cases 40-50% more.
#2 Is there a difference in the quality between the different brands of solar panels? In most cases solar panels all do the same thing and at the same level of electricity production.

#3 Do some panels have a better warranty ? Yes, you’ve heard that saying “ you get what you pay for” well when it comes to warranty this is very true. Cheaper panels usually come with less warranty while more expensive panels usually come with longer warranties but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes they come with equal warranties . 48Solar provides solar panels with 25year warranties built right here in the United States.

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#4 Are the solar panels made in the United States ? Well that depends on who you buy your solar panels from. 48Solar provides solar panels Yuma Arizona direct from U.S suppliers.
#5 Do solar panels require maintenance or cleaning. Well solar panels work best when they are not covered in dirt or debris. As far as maintenance for your solar system is concerned we recommend washing them one or two times a year so that they produce the maximum amount of energy possible. As fast as any other maintenance is concerned, they do not require anything else since there is no moving parts. Washing your solar panels from time to time also helps remove any bird droppings..


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