Solar Power For Non Profits

Its a well known fact that Solar Power for Non profits can be difficult because they do not pay federal taxes, so how does a not for profit organization take advantage of solar energy without the benefit of tax credits ? Well the answer is simple “ We got you covered “ with a portfolio of diversified lenders and private solar investors we have an option that makes sense for not for profit organizations who want to go solar.



From big corporate not for profit commercial building to small church buildings, going solar is possible and saves money vs paying the local utility provider.  So how does it work? Well it’s slightly complicated but we’ve got years of experience handling the process for our not for profit customers. Each application is specific to the type of building, type of roof and the amount of energy consumed each year.  The financing process is where things are completely different for non profits. Our specialized lenders make solar financing available to non profits by purchasing the system in advance and working with the buyer through a process that allows the lender to leverage the tax credits allowing for a minimal down payment by the client. If your not for profit organization would like to go solar we’re here to make it happen for you.


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