Yuma AZ Solar Installer

Yuma AZ Solar Installer .

When considering a solar installation for your home or business there are 3 major differences in the companies that locally serve Yuma. We are going to break down the good, the bad and the ugly.


1-The Bad-  While many companies claim to be honest, forthcoming and clim they are here to deliver integrity in the industry those claims can usually be picked apart by just looking into the companies reputation. Many companies have removed most of the systems that allow customers to evaluate and rate them such as google reviews, yelp or third party review sites. This is usually to avoid having unhappy clients leaving reviews and sharing their bad experiences.

2-The Ugly- Many solar companies use high pressure sales tactics including pushy salesmen, Over the top offers of cash, prizes, vacations, rebates, and other offers designed to sway or persuade a customer into buying from them.  The truth is any company that needs to buy off its customers usually ends up burning its customers at in the end with poor or no customer service, disappearing never to be heard from, leaving customers hanging, or never actually getting the solar project completed.


3-The Good – There are a very small number of  Yuma AZ Solar Installers and solar providers that do it right without needing the smoke and mirrors. NO vacations, No big cash prizes, No give aways , No outlandish promises or things that sound to good to be true. Just honest up front pricing, Great customer service, American made equipment, outstanding warranties and certified licensed installers who offer a full 10 year workmanship warranty.


48Solar was absolutely founded on 3 simple principles.

1-Do it right the first time or don’t do it at all. We find out what’s best for the customer even if that means not going solar ! That’s right solar isn’t always beneficial and doesn’t always save certain homes money.

2-NO BUYING OFF CUSTOMERS. We earn our customers trust with fact based information,  Honest evaluations, Up front pricing, No sales pressure and our Yuma Az Solar Installers are some of the best in the nation.  10year workmanship Warranties, 25 & 30 Year equipment warranties, satisfaction driven performance.

3- IF WE CANT SAVE YOU MONEY WE TELL YOU UP FRONT:  Our business model means we put the customer and the community first every time. In reality this really makes sense because what do unhappy customers do ? They tell everyone how unhappy they are and that’s bad for business. Bad press equals bad reputation and that equals loss of future customers.  We don’t go around claiming to be the best, claiming to beat everyone out in price or claiming to have the highest level of integrity.  We strive to exceed customers expectations, Never quit until the jobs done right, and make sure that our customers needs come before our company profits a single dollar. Being in business requires making money and turning a profit but we refuse to put profits before integrity. It’s just not worth it to make a profit but loose a valued customers. We stand behind out installers and our consultants to deliver our best, to strive for excellence, to never quit until it’s done right but we never claim or boast to be the best.  Learn more about how your homes energy can be provided by our team of dedicated professionals . Get a simple no hassle, no pressure quote today by clicking here now.
We will put not just our best foot forward but will march all of our feet forward until your satisfied with your service.