Yuma Solar

Thinking of going solar but not sure who to turn to ?
have you already talked to several companies but feel like you were chocked by the smoke and mirror sales show ? Did you have another company try to buy your patronage by offering free gadgets, free roof, free vacations, promises of money ???? after installation ? This is what we call “ The desperate sales show”.


We’ve revolutionized the way people buy solar today by eliminating the sales presentations, shows, smoke and mirrors.  We understand that people don’t want to sit through boring sales presentations and most of us can’t stand sales people.  Introducing the new and revolutionary solar process designed by a company that understands people’s wants and needs.



It’s a fact that if we plan on living in homes and keeping the lights on then we will always require a power source large enough to supply our homes with electricity. So what would we rather do ? Keep paying the power company at a rate we have no control over or power our homes with clean energy provided by the sun ?

On average Yuma Solar Powered homes save one thousand dollars or more their first year after going solar.  So what’s keeping you from powering your home with solar energy ?  Home owners who go solar also control energy costs and minimize their liability to the power company. Yuma Solar Powered hones also enjoy a fixed cost that’s cheaper than their current utility bill regardless if they buy or lease their solar system.


48Solar is a direct solar provider. We offer all nationally recognized brands like LG, Silfab, Canadian Solar, Rec, Hanwa, Q-Cell and many more. Our manufacturers also offer some of the best warranties in the industry like 20 & 25 year warranties, 24/7 monitoring and Mobil apps that allow you to see your solar systems production in real time.  Get a ez Online direct quote from from your most trusted Yuma solar provider that everyone turns to : Click here to get your online quote