Yuma Solar

Yuma Az best known for its agricultural and lettuce fields


but did you know Yuma is known for one more thing related to nature? Solar energy is a huge growing trend in the desert south west and Yuma leads the way in clean renewable energy.

With sun shinning more than 340 days a year, Yuma is Arizona’s solar capital. That’s right, Yuma has more solar per square mile than any other Arizona city.


So what makes solar so popular you ask. Well the fact that people are tired of rising energy costs, rate hikes and a power company that boasts millions in profits every year but continues to raise rates on its own customers without an end in sight might have something to do with it.

Yuma Solar powered homes reduce dependency on the utility company by more than 90% and reduce utility bills by up to 120%. That’s not a typo, you read it right, 120% meaning you can actually earn money by selling your excess energy to the power giant APS.

So how does it work ? Well it’s simple really, when you install solar power on your home you generate electric from the sun, this energy is then used to power the items you operate in your home like lights, water heaters, fridge and freezers and all the things you normally plug into just about any electrical outlet.  However it is possible to over size your solar system and sell excess energy to the power company and they have to pay you for it.

How do you know how much power your generating ? When your solar system is installed a solar production meter is installed allowing you and the power company to keep track of what your produce and what they owe you. All new solar systems also come with built-in monitoring that only you have access to and can comparison against the utility production meter just to verify accuracy.

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