Yuma’s Honest solar company.

48 solar & Roofing  is definitely not your typical solar company.


We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. As a permanent fixture in the community we’ve seen just about everything the solar industry is throwing around, from the here today gone tomorrow sales companies, the dishonest sales people who only care about a commission, the solar systems that never gets completed. 48Solar has grown steadily over the years by delivering a great product at an even better value. Our more than 40 years of combined solar experience within the company gives us the knowledge that many just don’t have.


We take pride in being able to say we are Yuma’s Honest Solar Company and are delivering a better experience with less show. No Slick sales presentations, No smoke & mirror shows, No Gimmicks, No offers of cash or Visa cards, vacations, Vegas getaways, 48 Solar has built its reputation in just doing what we say we will do.  No sales shows, no outrageous offers off cash, gift cards, vacations, all of which is just added to the cost of your solar system anyway.


We pledge to provide honest information, Fact based calculations, Accurate system sizing, and a fair price that doesn’t include thousands of dollars in extras added to the final price.


Solar really is simple and everyone knows that solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. If you put enough solar panels together they are capable of producing more than enough power to run your home or business.  There’s no secret about solar, there’s no magic, there’s no special affects, it’s just solar panels converting energy through a photovoltaic cell.


48Solar is a full service one stop source for all your solar energy needs.
We offer Free Solar evaluations,  100% Financing , Solar maintenance, and Roofing services. 48 Solar is a true full service solar provider.

Solar is a great way to cap energy costs for both residential and commercial customers. We’ve been installing solar since the 90’s and the technology just keeps getting better.  Getting a quote from 48Solar is simple and hassle free. We will not be putting on any sales smoke and mirrors shows. Contact us today and let our expertise shine through. Click here to get a hassle free quote