#1 Solar Company In Yuma


Solar power, you see it everywhere. So what makes a great solar company and what doesn’t. Today we are going to break down the best and worst scenarios when dealing with solar sales companies and we’re going to show you what sets 48Solar apart from the rest and earned us the title #1 Solar Company… [Read More]

Renewable Power In Arizona


Named the sunniest state in the entire country, maybe that’s why we are the leader in producing Renewable Power In Arizona with photovoltaic solar panels. The growing trend of producing electricity for Arizona homes and businesses has boomed for the last few years and its only gotten better as time has gone on. With both… [Read More]

Yuma home owners save big when converting to a yuma solar powered home


With rising energy costs and utility companies making billions, more and more people are purchasing Yuma Solar Power homes. Home builders are building homes with solar already in mind but there is an issue with homes that are built with solar. Utility companies like APS dictate how much solar you can or can not install… [Read More]

Solar panel power washing


What you need to know about washing your solar panels. We have been in and around the solar industry since 1997 and in that time we’ve seen and handled every aspect of solar photovoltaics. From sales and customer service, to installation and maintenance we’ve seen it all. That why when it comes to servicing your… [Read More]

Solar panel washing


You made the investment in a solar power system but now your solar panels are covered in dirt, bird poop, sand and other contamination that keeps them from producing at their best. What’s the solution ? Solar Panel Washing !  But hold on a minute, can I just take my hose up on my roof… [Read More]

Solar Panel Cleaning In Yuma


When it comes to servicing your solar power system Choose the professionals who handle every aspect of solar including sales, design, installation and maintenance for the life time of your system. At 48Solar we’ve got you covered. 48 Solar is a one stop source for all your roof top solar needs, we provide roofing services,… [Read More]

Official Angies List Yuma


Is Angies List or Home Advisor all it’s cracked up to be ? You’ve seen it a million times on tv, Angies list, home advisor, and a dozen other companies who claim to be the best source for finding reputable companies in your area. But who or what is Angies List really ? Well here’s… [Read More]

Yuma Foam Roof coatings


The desert south west is know for a few things but the summer heat is probably the one thing that everyone dreads. During the summer months the desert town of Yuma Arizona sees tempatures exceeding 115.0 degrees. Along with these high temps come excessive energy bills and deteriorating roofing materials being baked by the sun…. [Read More]

Best Roofing Companies In Yuma


What is the most important part of your home ? The roof. Your roof protects your home from rain, heat, cold, the sun and more.  Your roof is also the second largest investment you will make in your home so when it comes to having your roof replaced  you probably turn to the internet searching… [Read More]