Yuma Roofing Companies


In the world of roofing there’s so many things to consider when searching through the long list of Yuma Roofing Companies. Everyone claims to be the best, everyone claims to offer the best materials, the best warranties, the best service and the best price. So what’s really going on with all of this ? Let’s… [Read More]

Yuma Roofing


Your roof is probably the most important part of your home since protects your home from water damage and weather. So here’s.   What you need to know when looking for a Yuma Roofing company to serve your homes footing needs. 1-You’ve heard that sayin,  you get what you pay for, well that’s definitely a… [Read More]

Yuma Roofing FAQS


A full roof replacement is a big decision, from financing options to  material types. At 48Solar and Roofing , we want you to be prepared in  taking the next step to invest in a full roof replacement, so we’ve provided answers to some of your most frequently asked roofing questions. Roofing FAQs How do I know if… [Read More]

SunRun solar in Yuma


SunRun solar in Yuma is a reality for everyone now. 48Solar, Yuma’s premier solar provider is a certified SunRun solar consulting agency. We will break down the benefits of a SunRun solar system in Yuma and explain who benefits from Choosing  SunRun solar in Yuma and how solar works.    So we all know that… [Read More]

SunRun Solar Yuma


Choosing the right solar provider is key to a successful and productive solar future. Today we look in to the difference in solar providers and solar loan products. Solar has many faces, many names and many different moving parts that make it work including Finance loans with companies like loan pal, dividend, Sun Nova and… [Read More]

Solar Energy In Yuma


You’ve seen it on every street, every block in every neighborhood, Solar Energy In Yuma is extremely popular especially with utility companies raising rates with no end in sight.  So what makes Solar Energy In Yuma so popular ? Well maybe it’s because there is no up front cost or maybe it’s because people love… [Read More]

Tesla Solar Yuma


Yuma Arizona , the city with more sunlight than any other city in the United States. With energy rates on the rise it’s no wonder so many home owners are turning to solar energy than ever before. So what is the difference in solar panels and different solar manufacturers? Today we will beak down the… [Read More]

Solar companies in Chico Ca.


They call it the golden state and they might be right because you’ll need a load of gold just to pay your power bill in California. California residents searching for Solar Companies In Chico Ca have found that solar is cheaper than paying their current electric bills.  Chico Solar systems are easy to obtain and… [Read More]

Renewable Energy In Yuma


Summer electric bills are hitting Arizona boxes and they aren’t pretty. But what if you take your current electric bill and put a negative symbol in front of the amount due ? So instead of you bill being $289.00 it would be  -289.00. That’s right a negative electric bill where the power company pays you… [Read More]

Jamul Solar


It’s a well know fact that SDG&E power rates are some of the highest in the country next to New York. So why doesn’t every home in Jamul and east county SanDiego  have solar ? Well the answer is simple really, they haven’t been given an option for solar that fits their needs. Jamul Solar… [Read More]