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We’ve all seen the barrage of marketing and advertising schemes played out by hundreds of solar companies claiming they offer    “ FREE “ solar, and this leaves us asking the question, Is there really  Free Solar In Yuma or anywhere else ?                                        Is this really possible ?


To answer that question once and for all-  NO, there is no such thing as free solar. Sure the energy being harvested from the sun is most definitely free but the solar photovoltaic system required to harvest that energy is not free. Some manufacturing company out there manufactured that photovoltaic system and they need to be paid otherwise they would be out of business. And let’s face it I doubt the guy or gal selling you the system is working for free, right ?
So why is the solar industry using “ free solar “ in thousands of adds ?


Well the truth is it’s nothing more than a marketing ploy used by less than reputable companies in hopes of reaching someone who might believe it. Then once that person is found it’s time for the old bait and switch method or in this case bait and up sell.
So now that we know solar isn’t really free what’s the benefit of going solar and does it make sense financially ? I’m going to answer this for you so that you can better understand how it all works and I’m sure you’ll see the benefits of adding solar power to your home.
If it’s not free then what’s the benefit?  FC2563F1-0D98-42AA-B7AF-0DB704184CFCWhen you obtain a solar photovoltaic system for your home then your producing your own energy at a fixed cost. See once you go solar you own the system and therfore the cost of producing that energy becomes a fixed cost controlled by your solar power system. Weather you paid cash or maybe took out a loan your payments for your solar power system are cheaper than your current utility bill and  they will never go up.

How much can I save with Solar 

How much can I save by going solar ?
That’s a great question to ask, every home is different because people have different habits, homes are built differently some more insulated than others and some homes are just more efficient than others but no matter the case on average going solar usually saves the average customer about $1,200.00 their first year and those savings grow each year as utilities go up in price but your solar energy remains the same cost year after year.

Do I qualify for solar on my home ?  72423207-E839-42B6-A44E-A3D83B7456EB
99% of home owners qualify to go solar.  We offer a free Soft Credit check, this means no hard inquire on your credit report and no points against your credit rating.

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