How To Lower Electric Bills


In the era of our digital world everyone is turning to online sources looking for everything from car parts to education so it’s no surprise that people are looking for a way to learn how to lower electric bills and save money on utility costs. There’s a ton of YouTube videos showing gadgets and gizmos… [Read More]

Jamul Solar power


It’s no secret that SDG&E has been steadily raising power costs to many of SanDiego’s residents. Just this past year East County residents from Apline,  Dulzura, Campo and Jamul were hit with big power bills. Many residents of  SanDiego’s East county were shocked when their own power bills spiked and in many cases more than… [Read More]

Yuma’s Best Solar


Looking for a solar provider that you can truly trust and count on ? when thinking about solar there are so many different opinions and it seems that everyone claims to best but like we all know claiming to be the best and actually being the best are two completely different stories.  So how do… [Read More]

Rooftop solar in Yuma


If you live in Yuma Az then you’ve probably noticed the significant increase in Rooftop solar power being installed around the county. Why are so many people switching to solar energy today ? There are several reasons for the switch to solar powered energy. #1 No more out of control electric bills. That’s right when… [Read More]

Yuma AZ Solar Installer


Yuma AZ Solar Installer . When considering a solar installation for your home or business there are 3 major differences in the companies that locally serve Yuma. We are going to break down the good, the bad and the ugly. 1-The Bad-  While many companies claim to be honest, forthcoming and clim they are here… [Read More]

Jamul Solar Company


In the east county of SanDiego sits the back country town of Jamul Ca. Many back country residents have have invested in solar energy and for a good reason. With SDG&E rates on the rise and summer temperatures hitting triple digits, many residents are seeing electric bills also hitting triple digits. As you get farther… [Read More]

Yuma Solar Power


Every year more and more people are turning to solar power to help lower electric power bills. In Yuma Solar power Panels are popping up everywhere because it makes sense with extreme temperatures and high summer bills. The industry has changed and the equipment has gotten more efficient but what has not changed is the… [Read More]

APS Rate Hike

Arizona Utilities Politics

APS Rate Hike seeks 184-Million. The fight between power monopoly utility giants and the rate payers has never been more real. In the last few years Arizona residents have been hit with rate hikes that in many cases have nearly doubled rate payer electric bills. In 2017 Arizona power giant APS restructured the solar net… [Read More]

San Diego Solar


San Diego residents are calling their power bill outrageous. SanDiego boasts some of the best weather in the country, beautiful beaches, and outlandish electric bills. In fact SanDiego residents pay some of the highest power bills in the country. In 2017 the union tribune wrote an article detailing the energy crises facing SanDiego California power… [Read More]

Solar Power For Non Profits


Its a well known fact that Solar Power for Non profits can be difficult because they do not pay federal taxes, so how does a not for profit organization take advantage of solar energy without the benefit of tax credits ? Well the answer is simple “ We got you covered “ with a portfolio… [Read More]